"You can't teach an old dog new tricks". In fact, it is much easier for children to learn new things. How about skiing or snowboarding this holiday? Already at the age of 3, children can make their first attempts on skis. In courses, the children are taught the correct technique in a child's play - fun included. After just 2 days, you can already take the first family descent. Of course, you can also use this time for yourself and your partner as a little time out.

Of course, you can also use the winter fun to go tobogganing with the whole family - let the wind blow around your nose on a rapid downhill run!

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Giorgio Rocca Ski Academy


Especially for children from the city, meeting and interacting with animals is a real adventure. At an altitude of 2312 metres, at the Fuschella mountain station, a petting zoo is waiting to be discovered by your children. There you will find dwarf draughts, rabbits and chickens to admire, cuddle and feed. Animals of a somewhat larger species can be admired at one of the two riding stables. You can choose between a comfortable carriage ride or an exciting horse ride. If you prefer a more adventurous ride, you can combine the thrill of horseback riding with the beautiful scenery - no previous experience is required and the adventure can begin immediately.

Our holiday apartments offer you the possibility to bring along your four-legged family members. So nothing stands in the way of an active family holiday with dog!


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Get out of your clothes, into your swimsuit and into the water: in a water park, the little water rats get their money's worth. The Zernez family pool offers a play afternoon on Wednesdays from 1:30 to 4 pm. On this occasion there are inflatable play elements, such as a slide, in the water - it's great fun to romp around in the water with the other children. The Ovaverva indoor pool also has a lot to offer for young and old with a paddling and splash area, as well as a fun tower with three different slides totalling 190 metres in length. The Bellavita fun pool has a 75m black hole slide and a children's play zone with a water play garden.


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Bellavita swimming pool

Ovavera indoor swimming pool


Kill two birds with one stone. Through exciting excursions into nature, your child can really let off steam and at the same time get exercise in the fresh air of the Alps.

Hiking is only something for the older generation, but for children it is deadly boring? Let us convince you of the opposite! I. Engadin there are a variety of themed trails that are specially tailored for children. For example, there are fairy tale hiking trails that will make your children wide-eyed, or so-called forest nature trails, such as Heidi's hiking trail, which teach children about education in a very playful way. Use the barefoot paths over meadows and water for a discovery and sensory journey for the whole family. Experience nature without shoes and strengthen your own well-being.

If you are looking for more action, a scooter ride will really get you going. A scooter is an off-road scooter with which you can explore Engadin with a lot of fun.

The Maloja wind at Lake Silverplana is a paradise for all those who like to fly kites. Let the wind blow around you and your kite and spend a great afternoon.

In the Swiss National Park, the whole family can learn about the wonders of nature. On the Bear Experience Trail you can learn everything you ever wanted to know about bears: What it eats, what tracks it leaves behind, how good its nose is, how much winter reserves it eats or how to behave in bear territory. Exciting stories from the past and present are waiting for you and your family.

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