Although it is well known that the sun shines in the Engadin on an average of 322 days a year and that there is no bad weather, only unsuitable clothing, I would like to give you some tips for indoor activities.

In the Engadine you will find many extraordinary indoor activities, from a climbing hall to an indoor golf simulator, which will keep you in a good mood even when it rains.

The "Serlas" climbing hall in S-canf

In S-chanf, in the Upper Engadine, there is a highlight for climbing enthusiasts: Here, those with a head for heights can put their climbing skills to the test on 450sqm of climbing space and 120sqm of bouldering space. As is typical for the Engadine, the hall is an impressive architect made of wood, glass and a free view of the so motivating mountain landscape. And after the climbing? In the Pizzeria Serlas, which is integrated into the hall, you can enjoy the cosy atmosphere with friendly staff.

I went to the hall myself one December evening with my father. We had no previous knowledge and didn't really know what to expect. We were greeted in a very friendly way and shown all the rooms. For a small extra charge, we could borrow climbing shoes and "chalk". Important tip for the climbing shoes: Always take 2 sizes bigger than you actually have. I normally have a size 39 and needed a 41 for the climbing shoes. At the beginning you find the climbing shoe rather uncomfortable and much too small. You don't want to wear them for more than a minute. But this passes with time and you get used to the fact that your toes bend in the shoe - important for safe climbing! The chalk is a white powder, mainly magnesium carbonate, which you powder your hands with to keep them dry and grippy. After getting changed, we went to the bouldering hall. Different routes for different levels of difficulty provide a lot of variety and exertion.

After we had exhausted ourselves, we went to the pizzeria, which is located in the same building - how convenient! It was very cozy there and our special requests were gladly taken into account. The staff was very friendly and the pizza was really delicious!

We will definitely be back!